ASI Safety Lab


There is a concern shared by many: self-improving Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) may become much smarter, even smarter than mankind together. Without protection and safety measures in place, the outcome could be dire for mankind, as Elon Musk and others warn.

We can hope that ASI (Artificial Super Intelligence) will be friendly and benevolent; or it will be malicious, indifferent toward humans.  We can’t know. It might be too late when we know it for sure.

Currently, ASI-Safety is in its infancy. But we need urgently sound tools for our protection before AI arises or some stupid version damage our world.  The primary goal must be that we can stop or kill ASI when it threatens mankind or our way of life. Additionally, we need tools that detect early warning signs.

ASI Safety Lab Inc. (ASL) is the company that will focus on inventing, patenting, and licensing technologies related to all aspects of AI/ASI-Safety.  Its business mission is also to get involved in the incubation of technologies.  It’s not about picking the winner but helping to fast-track the creation of knowledge, expertise, and concrete products for the marketplace.  Finally, ASL wants to get involved in the promotion of AI Safety to the public at large, governments, and legislators in particular.

We have a choice!