ASI Safety Lab

Core Ideas

  • Most patentable ideas are based on a few guiding principles:
    • Being able to stop or kill AI/ASI – ASI should not survive the demise of mankind
    • Using hardware, all encryption keys are hidden from ASI and humans all the time
    • On CPU level: Harvard CPU Architecture instead of von Neumann for Safety Mode and Secure Computing
    • Having better and safer management (including access) to software on all IT devices
    • Firewalls providing a better (supervised) exchange of data
  • Some suggestions may sound like that they could lead to “radical changes” on how the software business is operating or the internet is being implemented. None of that. We want to add value now:
    • All concrete technologies are in line with the existing IT ecosystem.
    • Most (close to all) proposals can easily co-exist with the current infrastructure.
    • Due to the low cost of solutions, an existing business can easily adopt ASI Safety Technology, even if there is a delay in consumer adoption.
    • The entire IT infrastructure could still be “late vaccinated” with additional products right before ASI or even right after ASI is emerging.

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