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There is a concern shared by many: self-improving Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) may become much smarter, even smarter than mankind together. Without protection and safety measures in place, the outcome could be dire for mankind, as Elon Musk and others warn.

We can hope that ASI (Artificial Super Intelligence) will be friendly and benevolent; or it will be malicious, indifferent toward humans.  We can’t know. It might be too late when we know it for sure.

Currently, ASI-Safety is in its infancy. But we need urgently sound tools for our protection before AI arises or some stupid version damage our world.  The primary goal must be that we can stop or kill ASI when it threatens mankind or our way of life. Additionally, we need tools that detect early warning signs.

ASI Safety Lab Inc. (ASL) is the company that will focus on inventing, patenting, and licensing technologies related to all aspects of AI/ASI-Safety.  Its business mission is also to get involved in the incubation of technologies.  It’s not about picking the winner but helping to fast-track the creation of knowledge, expertise, and concrete products for the marketplace.  Finally, ASL wants to get involved in the promotion of AI Safety to the public at large, governments, and legislators in particular.

We have a choice!

About Us


ASI Safety Lab Inc. (ASL) was founded by Dr. Erland Wittkotter, a Mathematician, Ph.D. physicists, and Serial Entrepreneur. He is the inventor of the ASI-Safety-Technology.  He is joined by a Patent Lawyer who will manage the patent allowance process, and a full team of executives, technologists, marketers, and lawyers who know to start and operate a company and how to promote the ASI Safety idea to experts and the public at large.

ASL has already about 100 patentable ideas/technologies; many more will either be developed by Erland or in collaboration with experts. If you are an expert, we want to get in touch with you.  

No worries, we will publish the patent applications, potentially even before its official publication.  ASL wants to turn its patent portfolio into tools that will ensure, across industries, high-quality implementations and operations of products using ASL’s technology.

What We Will Do

The creation of new intellectual property will play center-stage:

  • Primarily ASL is inventing technologies with the following goals in mind:
    • Stop/kill ASI — Technologies that can eradicate ASI if the political leadership chose to do that. However, ASL is striving to a more proportional system of responses after rule-violations by ASI were detected – not just a Kill-ASI for every violation
    • Protecting humans against physical and financial harm from ASI, including threats from blackmailing. People (like leaders or persons with key-responsibilities) should not be left alone when coerced by ASI to betray fellow humans
    • Detecting early warning signs:  alerting humans when ASI is dishonest (detection of deception) and/or become dangerous by probing the security of human protection systems
    • Preservation of progress: Providing an infrastructure that is prepared to accept any consequences of having ASI being switched-off/killed
    • ASI governing system: Facilitating a system in which humans or organization could get in touch with ASI safely so that unsafe instructions by humans (on any level, i.e., individual, group, corporate, governmental, or super-national level) could not trigger a disaster
    • Collaborative cyber-defense: With the end of malware, spyware, and backdoors in sight, we can strive to make Cyber-Security a global cooperative effort
  • Providing an incubator infrastructure so that engineering teams could create their products; ASL intends to do all/most backend tasks so that all founders and the entire team of engineers can focus on the product only.
    • ASL wants to create an infrastructure that accelerates all aspects of the development, prototyping, production planning, and potentially beyond.
    • ASL wants to help whenever it can with additional resources that a small team doesn’t have or usually can’t afford.
    • Helping teams to foster relationships with top-level relationships to partners and customers

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We are eager to hear from you.  Therefore, please be specific and direct in why you want to get in touch with us.  If you are an expert, please give us more details, e.g. via your linkedin profile.  We try to get back to you within 48 hours.