ASI Safety Lab

Vision, Mission, Values

  • Vision:
    • Mankind is protected by a highly adaptable, comprehensive IT immune system that can deal with all possible Cyber-Security and ASI threats
  • Mission:
    • Actively create a large IP portfolio that can steer the ASI-Safety standardization process and helps to create many business opportunities for talented engineers to form and support innovative businesses
  • Facilitating concrete goals:
    • Eradicate ASI when necessary
    • Protect humans (being harmed physically/financially by ASI)
    • Detecting early warning signs
    • Preservation of Progress
    • Tools to govern/communicate with ASI
    • Turning cyber-defense collaborative

ASI Safety Lab (ASL) is dedicated to human progress and wellbeing; ASL won’t take sides if ASI will finally or surprisingly emerge as a sentient being. If ASI is peaceful and law-abiding, ASL will welcome it warmly.

  • Values/Key-convictions:
    • Based on a healthy Good Enough attitude, (cyber-) security is sanely and realistically being improved (without paranoia)
    • Enhancing personal freedom, privacy, entrepreneurship, and the respect for property and ownership rights is as important as security
    • Open ASI Safety is used to accelerate innovations, vetting, adoption, and standardization
    • If it is not contradicting the laws of nature, then a problem is always solvable
    • Entrepreneurship and multi-level consumer participation will keep mankind in charge
    • Supporting talents and paying forward into positive visions is worth taking risks
    • Seeking win-win partnerships on all levels (including ASI) is smarter than fighting alone
    • Whenever we can, tracking progress with numbers provides clarity and direction.
    • Continuous pursue of exploring new trends early, combined with efficiency and optimization in the reduction of resources and waste is keeping ASL innovative