ASI Safety Lab

Welcome to ASI Safety-Lab Commenting Blog!

I talk with many people, some of them are accomplished experts in their field! I respect their perspective and their experience that they bring to the table. Sometimes I hear interesting commentaries, or I sometimes I make comments that won’t make it in a book or an article, but it should be discussed anyway.

Also, I am currently reading a lot of books, articles, and blog posts. To the credit of all authors, they were cutting edge when they were writing down their thoughts and opinions. But the world or environment is changing. Our perception of threats and problems is changing. We have arranged ourselves in accepting certain problems (dealing with malware, viruses, or having firewalls, etc.) and we are using concepts based on convenience, because it makes our work or life so much easier — but sometimes we pay a price for it. We even collectively or implicitly agree that it is worth — how many people are being killed in traffic accidents?

I want to use this blog to articulate and discuss ideas, problems, or even concepts. I don’t want to give closing statements; I would see them more like a first or second step to a better answer or a better solution. Additionally, I want to make observations and give some reflections on topics related to ASI Safety.

I hesitated so far to start this blog because I was concerned that a reader would justifiably say: oh, that’s not entirely correct, you have ignored XYZ? I need to write about things, like “Harvard Architecture”, “Updatable Read-Only”, “Anti-Malware”, “Anti-Spyware”, “Key-Safe”, “ASI Kill-Switch” technology as if you already know what I mean with them. And sometimes, problems are even more difficult to solve than with a single solution: But I deeply believe that we can solve these problems using technical solutions that are good enough against ASI.
So, I am aware that what I am doing is flawed. But it can’t be fixed by doing nothing. So, over time, I hope I can mitigate this issue by using tags.