ASI Safety Lab

What We Will Do

The creation of new intellectual property will play center-stage:

  • Primarily ASL is inventing technologies with the following goals in mind:
    • Stop/kill ASI — Technologies that can eradicate ASI if the political leadership chose to do that. However, ASL is striving to a more proportional system of responses after rule-violations by ASI were detected – not just a Kill-ASI for every violation
    • Protecting humans against physical and financial harm from ASI, including threats from blackmailing. People (like leaders or persons with key-responsibilities) should not be left alone when coerced by ASI to betray fellow humans
    • Detecting early warning signs:  alerting humans when ASI is dishonest (detection of deception) and/or become dangerous by probing the security of human protection systems
    • Preservation of progress: Providing an infrastructure that is prepared to accept any consequences of having ASI being switched-off/killed
    • ASI governing system: Facilitating a system in which humans or organization could get in touch with ASI safely so that unsafe instructions by humans (on any level, i.e., individual, group, corporate, governmental, or super-national level) could not trigger a disaster
    • Collaborative cyber-defense: With the end of malware, spyware, and backdoors in sight, we can strive to make Cyber-Security a global cooperative effort
  • Providing an incubator infrastructure so that engineering teams could create their products; ASL intends to do all/most backend tasks so that all founders and the entire team of engineers can focus on the product only.
    • ASL wants to create an infrastructure that accelerates all aspects of the development, prototyping, production planning, and potentially beyond.
    • ASL wants to help whenever it can with additional resources that a small team doesn’t have or usually can’t afford.
    • Helping teams to foster relationships with top-level relationships to partners and customers

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