ASI Safety Lab

About Us


ASI Safety Lab Inc. (ASL) was founded by Dr. Erland Wittkotter, a Mathematician, Ph.D. physicists, and Serial Entrepreneur. He is the inventor of the ASI-Safety-Technology.  He is joined by a Patent Lawyer who will manage the patent allowance process, and a full team of executives, technologists, marketers, and lawyers who know to start and operate a company and how to promote the ASI Safety idea to experts and the public at large.

ASL has already about 100 patentable ideas/technologies; many more will either be developed by Erland or in collaboration with experts. If you are an expert, we want to get in touch with you.  

No worries, we will publish the patent applications, potentially even before its official publication.  ASL wants to turn its patent portfolio into tools that will ensure, across industries, high-quality implementations and operations of products using ASL’s technology.